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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Private Security is a great need. HDI Security Services launched a new website.

I am very happy to present new website D visual studio created for HDI Security Services, LLC. This is a group of well trained officers and agents starting a new company to fill a need for personal security. Special event security, uniformed, bodyguard, corporate security and more. HDI Security Services, LLC is a proud minority owned company dedicated to community involvement and is an active member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. HDI and MidCities Training Academy also provides training to the volunteers of the religious organizations and churches.

Physical Security can help your business in many ways. Save on Liability Insurance, Protect your assets, prevent crime, protect your employees and tenants, gives professional appearance.

Visit the website here

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Law Office of Daniel Stewart, PLLC new website by D visual studio

I am pleased to announce the launch of website we redesigned for the Law Office of Daniel Stewart, PLLC Immigration Law

D visual studio's goal with this new design is to provide the visitors easier way to learn about Law Office of Daniel Stewart, PLLC services and solutions. The simplified look of the new website provides the visitors with fully interactive and mobile friendly experience and easy way to contact the Law firm.

Daniel Stewart is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a highly experienced practitioner in the immigration courts and with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Daniel Stewart has vigorously defended immigrant rights for almost 10 years and has assisted hundreds of immigrants lawfully obtain legal status in the United States.
Daniel Stewart also assisting professional athletes and coaches  to be able to to play and coach professional sports in the United States.
Daniel Stewart has been selected as a rising star for 2014, 2015 and 2016 by Super Lawyers and has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyer Association since 2007.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Logo for Denton Classical Educational Co-op

My fun design variation of Denton Classical Educational Co-op logo for this year. On T-shirts.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is your business social enough?

Is your business social enough?

Marketing your business is no longer about driving eyeballs to your site’s homepage. It’s about distributing one’s content throughout the media and social spheres (where the audience resides) with the hope they'll return to the story's native environment (for more effective monetization)."

Social media is inevitable and it’s here to stay for a while. It’s just another form of communication like the phone and email.  We are way past the notion that it is a fad. PR anyone? This is an almost free Public Relations dream come true. With one billion 1,000,000,000 people active on Facebook, 100 million people on Instagram, and 307 million on Twitter, social is hard to ignore. Another visually driven social media Pinterest just hit 100 million users in 2015. Buyers are using those tools and are very savvy in self-educating. Modern buyer’s do not want to be sold, they want to make an informed purchase from a trusted source. You know, the one your best friend shares on Facebook.

But! You say, “How do I know which social media tool is right for my business and who in the world will keep up with it while I’m busy running my business?”

Social media designers and managers are a must for new businesses, growing businesses, and established businesses to stay current. Not every business can afford to hire a full time employee to manage social media and marketing. Just because your assistant can post on Facebook, doesn’t mean she/he is a social media expert. There is more to it and there are ways to make it more efficient and fairly inexpensive. Monetary wise and planning wise, it just needs to be consistent.

But, social is NOT a brand strategy! Social is a tool in your marketing and branding your toolbox. You must have a clear, defining brand strategy before engaging those platforms. Otherwise you will get diluted in the social cocktail.

Brand development and strategy is important. It needs to be innovative, consistent with your services and product, and especially memorable. Social media humanize your brand. Social Networks give us a great insight and ability to understand the client’s identity, their relationships, and their interests.

Social is great way to engage your potential buyers and clients instead of selling, selling, selling. It is about building relationships, a great source of warm referrals, and returning happy customers. Be the trusted source.

Social media is here to stay. We are here to help you create the efficient and affordable strategy to connect with your clients.

Let Barbara Dillard at D visual studio tackle this important planning intensive, and time consuming job for your business. It’s economical.  And it’s worth it.

Tell us what you think? Tell us what you need?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How to effectively market yourself as a dancer: Do you have what it takes?

Dancer’s Promo Package

How to effectively market yourself as a dancer: Do you have what it takes?

As I am sitting over the final proofs of the new playbill for a Nutcracker Ballet and agonizing about having everything in place to meet the print deadline, I am frantically searching for all the dancer’s bios and headshots.

Our dance company has a big photoshoot prior to the production, assuring that all cast groups are featured in the program. It is a great opportunity for all the local soloists and demi soloists to have their photo taken for the program and purchase for their future use. Auditions for summer intensives are fast approaching!

Unfortunately some dancers didn’t come to the photo day event. Now what? There are two options. Use old photos, but those will not have the same look.  Or worse - the dancers will not be featured in the program at all. Not the best idea for your career and your dance portfolio. It makes me very sad as I am going over the cast list, recognize all the wonderful dancers, and see that several will not be in the program.

As a former professional dancer and graphic designer, I obviously have a special relationship to the dance industry. Now I have two little kids that are discovering their love for ballet and dance. Thanks to them, I am again getting involved in the wonderful life of ballet. We got very fortunate that we moved to a city where we found a great ballet studio with classical Vaganova training.  We are involved with a terrific company that produces a semi professional production of the Nutcracker -inviting soloists from all over the world. Of course I could not resist getting involved behind the scenes.

I see many wonderful dancers in our production. Many of them would like to give a shot to take it to the professional level and enter a university with good ballet programs. And many are trying to find a good dance company match for them to continue what they love to do. Professional or amateur paths require auditioning skills and great technique, and also the ability to market yourself.  Dancers have to submit their headshot, bio, and cover letter to the new company. And when you do get the gig the company might need those items for marketing and promotional materials for their production. Especially if you are a guest and out of town dancer. In the world of social media, and due to the constant need for reminding your audience of your production, they will need a lot.

So what do you actually need? 

Even in this digital photography world you should always use good quality high resolution photos. Selfies taken on a phone will not work. Take advantage of photo days that are available when you participate in any production. If you do not have such an opportunity, please hire a professional photographer. You can call your local talent agency for recommendations.

The headshot photo should be an 8” x 10” photo in 300 dpi resolution.  Full body shots should be taken in ballet attire against a simple background.  And, of course, the ubiquitous photo of you in first arabesque is always handy, especially if you plan to audition for summer intensive. Also include any available production photos. (Most dance companies do hire a professional photographer to take action shots for the performances. ASK!)

Resume & Bio
You should have your short bio and long bio available.   Highlight points that you always want to keep just in case it has to be shorten due to design space.

A full-length resume that lists all your experience
A half page biography (in sentences)
A one paragraph biography (focus on recent achievements)

It’s good to have all of the above ways to deliver. Make sure to have hard copy to leave behind and a soft copy in high resolution. If the production materials will go in print, the designers and the printer will need your 8 x 10 head shot or pictures in 300 dpi resolution at least. It is always easy to make it smaller for the web purposes than the other way around.

Like every model or actress, I believe that dancers should have a book. Collect pictures from your productions and keep your current measurements on records.
I highly recommend taking advantage of any photoshoots that the production company you are participating with is offering. This will give you a chance to have very nice, professionally done photos for future use in your portfolio, website, or any social media page. Also, don’t forget to keep several copies of all the playbills and programs of the productions you’ve been in and keep them in your “book”. Three-ring binder with pockets and page protectors should work well. Don’t forget to credit everyone involved.

Many companies record their shows. Find out if they do and make sure you get your copy. You do not have to have a full 1.5 hour Nutcracker on your website. You can use the part of you dancing only.  I am sure you can contact the video maker and ask her to make you a snippet. Make sure you have their permission.

Some summer programs accept video auditions. There are many ways to submit your video. Read their guidelines carefully.  Use a video of you dancing solo, not in a group. It’s hard for the faculty to see what they need, you want to introduce yourself not your drill team.

Web presence
If you are really serious about going professional, create an online profile not only on well-known social media but also use websites like and and keep them updated.


Barbara Dillard @Dvisualstudio

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Friday, January 1, 2016


Wishing everyone prosperous year 2016 filled with happiness, health, and love.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Playbill for Festival Ballet Nutcracker 2015